Facts About Madrid - Información Sobre Madrid

Embassies around the world run by the current Pyongyang regime are not like the traditional diplomatic, commercial, and cultural outposts of legitimate governments that serve their nation's interests and respect international norms.

The regime’s embassies and offices are hubs of illicit narcotics and arms trafficking, mediums for the furtherance of propaganda of a totalitarian regime that systematically commit crimes against humanity against its own (and others) without current parallel. They are launchpads for global cyber attacks and thefts, assassinations, kidnappings, and hostage taking‐including of the families of their own diplomats. This charade of pretending that the regime is a normal government must stop‐the regime is simply a giant criminal enterprise.

That said, this was not an attack. We responded to an urgent situation in the Madrid embassy. We were invited into the embassy, and contrary to reports, no one was gagged or beaten. Out of respect for the host nation of Spain, no weapons were used. All occupants in the embassy were treated with dignity and necessary caution. There were no other governments involved with or aware of our activity until after the event. The Hanoi Summit had no relation to this operation. We recognize and apologize for any inconveniences caused to the authorities of Spain, who have been caught in the middle of a difficult situation.

We have evidence verifying our account. It is to protect those who seek our help, and those who take great risk to protect others, that we cannot share more about the event at this time. We continue to be engaged in extraordinarily sensitive work around the world.

We understand the fragility and uncertainty of the diplomatic process some are engaged in. Despite our understanding of the incorrigible nature of this regime, our intention is not to interfere with the political intentions of certain countries who seek resolution to certain disagreements. Our fight is only against the regime’s practices and on behalf of millions of our enslaved people.

No information about Madrid was shared with any parties with the expectation of any benefit or money in exchange. The organization shared certain information of enormous potential value with the FBI in the United States, under mutually agreed terms of confidentiality. This information was shared voluntarily and on their request, not our own. Those terms appear to have been broken.

Some time later, some journalists began writing speculative stories about the incident in Madrid, and the identities or affiliations of those involved, citing US government sources. That information was leaked to the media was a profound betrayal of trust. We ourselves never spoke to the media or shared any information with them.

We did not begin this work without full knowledge of the risks we bear. Freedom has already been paid with the blood of families and colleagues. Some of us will be imprisoned, tortured or killed in the course of this fight. But to share information that may help identify any of us who take risks to protect others is to aid and abet the regime in Pyongyang. The leaks and breaches of trust were abhorrent acts pursued in the name of political expediency, in service to a regime who has tortured and killed millions.

It may take some more months of political theater to realize Pyongyang is once again acting with treachery, and not before the regime emerges with even more capacity for great harm to others. Parties seeking to “out” those in Madrid have painted a target on the backs of those seeking only to protect others; they have chosen to side with Pyongyang’s criminal, totalitarian rulers over their victims.

March 26, 2019, 7:41 p.m.